10 Washington DC Scholarships 2023

Scholarship Description

Admissions for the 10 Washington DC Scholarships 2023 are now open and are being admitted for the scholarships program in Washington.

The schools and institutions in Washington offer a large number of fully financed scholarships. This year, you are not required to take the IELTS to apply for a fully-fund Washington DC Scholarship.

About Washington DC Scholarship 2023

Numerous notable educational institutions, such as Georgetown University, Howard University, and George Washington University, are located in Washington, D.C., the capital of the country. Washington University is ranked fourth in the country, according to reports.

Because of the opportunities for networking and higher education, Washington is a popular choice for international students. The most recent fully funded scholarship opportunities in Washington, DC are listed below in this article:

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Scholarships for the District of Columbia, fully funded by 2023

The healthcare industry accounts for the bulk of scholarships available in Washington, DC. There are scholarships available in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, accountancy, law, education, media studies, architecture, history, and the social sciences.

1. Distinguished Cougar Award is given by Washington State University

An out-of-state student who starts classes at Washington State University (WSU) in 2023 will receive the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), also known as the Distinguished Cougar Award. The $11,000 scholarship is renewable for a maximum of three years.

The institution will automatically shortlist competent applicants for admission and further consideration; there are no formal factors.

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Eligibility: A grade point average (GPA) of 3.6 is required for WSU refreshment to be eligible for this scholarship in 2022.
The candidate must be a citizen of the United States, a resident of the country, or a resident of a state other than Washington.

2. District Scholars Program at George Washington University (GW)

Outstanding District of Columbia students can apply for a scholarship from George Washington University (GW). The District Scholars program at GW aims to satisfy the financial need that has been established by each eligible high school. This scholarship from Washington is worth about USD 7 75,000.

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First-year, full-time undergraduate students at George Washington University are required to apply.
Candidates must submit the required financial documents, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), and their CSS Profile from the College Board. Applicants must be District residents and have finished their final two years of high school in the District.

3. Scholarships in Dwight P. Jacobus’ honouree

Association of School Business Officials of Maryland and the District of Columbia founded the Dwight P. Jacobus award to help underprivileged students pursue higher education.

It is distributed to financially strapped students pursuing a business education at any institution in Maryland or the District of Columbia.

Each year, about eight scholarships are given out according to the standards set by Maryland and DC business school officials.

These standards take into account the students’ financial needs well as their SAT or ACT scores (ACT). Each $1,000 award is sent right to the student’s chosen institution of higher learning.

Residents of Maryland or the District of Columbia are required to apply.

  • The candidate must be a full-time student.
  • He has to show that he is in need.
  • He must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. I
  • International scholarships offered by Central Washington University
  • International undergraduate and graduate students can apply for the central Washington university international scholarship.
  • The scholarship has a maximum value of $12,800. This tuition-paying scholarship is awarded on a based one.
  • A GPA of 2.70 is needed to apply for an undergraduate degree, and a 3.0 GPA is needed to graduate.
  • Candidates must submit a complete application package online, and if they are accepted, the institution will email them within two to three weeks after their application.

4. Grant Program for Innovation in Progress

This scholarship program is intended to assist driven college-age students in fostering an entrepreneurial attitude and presenting ideas in the areas of business, finance, infrastructure, healthcare, science, technology, engineering, and math.

These scholarships from Washington are worth roughly $1,000 every semester up until graduation and $1,000 per semester if students submit their creative ideas. Based on the student’s progress, the scholarship will be renewed before the beginning of the following semester.

5. Scholarship from the Greater Washington Society of CPA’s

These Washington, DC scholarships are given to BS or BA accounting students who have completed the 150 hours necessary to be eligible to sit for the Uniform CPA examination.

The Washington Scholarship Fund offers six scholarships with the specific designations Past President’s Award and Sue Marcum Memorial Award, each worth $3,000 for undergraduate students and $5,000 for graduate students.

The following colleges are qualified for the scholarship:

  • America University
  • Sacred Heart University at the University of Bowie
  • The Gallaudet Institution
  • School of George Mason
  • The George Washington University
  • College of George Town
  • Howard University
  • Trinity Western University Marymount University.
  • College of Maryland The District of Columbia University

6. Awards for Annual Activia Training Scholarships

There are different categories for this Washington scholarship, and a particular course of study is necessary. Students in the United States attending a college, university, high school, or trade school are eligible to apply for the $1,500 per year Activia Training scholarship.

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It gives out two $750 awards each year in November and May. One is given to the winner of the video contest for $500, while the other is given to the winner of the essay contest for $250.

For YouTube videos worth $20 and blog posts worth $15, students who are at least 16 years old or who have a spot reserved at a college, university, high school, or trade school in the United States are eligible for Activia Training rewards.

7. Scholarships for Undergraduates at Georgetown University

Scholarships are available to qualifying undergraduates at Georgetown University depending on need. Depending on the student’s financial need, the scholarship’s annual value might range from $1,000 to more than $60,000.

With the aid of its many contributors, this Washington scholarship pays for all eligible candidates’ expenditures and satisfies every student’s entire demonstrated financial need in addition to extra loans and kind donations from University benefactors. Students who apply for this scholarship will not be subject to any additional evaluations.

8. Scholarships for Opportunity/Baccalaureate Study in Washington State

The Baccalaureate Scholarship is open to Washington state residents who are majoring in STEM or a health-related field and are in high demand. The Washington Scholarship is a sort of financial help worth up to $22,500.

Candidates may use these Washington scholarships at any public or private college or institution in the state to pursue any approved STEM or healthcare degree. Candidates who intend to apply for the Technical Scholarship but do not wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree are ineligible (CTS).

The following subjects are covered by this Washington State scholarship:

  • Tuition\ fees
  • dwelling or habitation
  • 10 Washington, DC, Transportation, and Food Scholarships 2023.

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