11 Best Esthetician Schools in New York

New York’s esthetician programs

An esthetician is a medical professional with a focus on skincare. You may search YouTube to locate educational videos. You could feel like a pro after watching these courses, but you should also be aware of the best esthetician schools in New York.

Professional training certification is necessary for esthetician certification and license.

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Undoubtedly, the best place to find an esthetician school is in New York City. It can be challenging to pick one of the many Esthetician schools in New York.

The Good News is that I’ve got a fix for it. The top esthetician schools in New York City will be covered in this article.


How much does an esthetician make?

The average hourly pay for an esthetician in the US is $33.63, according to the website indeed.com.

What function does an esthetician perform?

The following services can be offered by an esthetician who is qualified and licensed:

  • Specific remedies for various skin issues:
  • Recommendations for individualized skincare routines
  • Dermatological facials
  • Removing hair
  • Exfoliation
  • Skin flakes

They can also get certified to provide services like micro dermabrasion and eyelash extensions.

Where might an esthetician work?

Estheticians are employed everywhere! This line of work has tremendous promise and diversity. Here are some potential career paths for estheticians.

Spas, Salons, Editorial Sets for Rent, TV/Movie Sets, and Med Spa Resorts on Cruise Ships

Getting Started as a Cosmetologist

Being an esthetician requires dedication, education, and state licensure. Before starting, you must have certification from a reputable organization.

Let’s look into New York’s best esthetic programs.

LLC Barber and Beauty School in Tribeca

The Tribeca Barber and Beauty School in New York is a school for estheticians. It stands out for its steadfast commitment to quality.

Excellence requires hard work and is not something that can be attained easily. This is shown by both the school’s 1000-hour cosmetology program and its 40 years of experience.

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Yes, the curriculum has some requirements, but this shows how dedicated the institution is to empower its students.

The comprehensive instruction covers all facets of beauty and appeal. Throughout the curriculum, educators and students work together.

Students collaborate with seasoned experts and benefit from their knowledge. Additionally, students can assist real clients.

The Tribeca curriculum allows for employment, which is fantastic news for pupils from lower socioeconomic classes. Tribeca offers all the tools needed for aspiring estheticians to master their trade and be successful.

Empire Beauty Center:

There are numerous locations for Empire Beauty School in the state of New York.

All areas of the city have access to the school’s services.

Yes, New York City is where Empire first began. Yet it prepares its students for achievements on a worldwide scale. They instruct students in various areas in addition to how to work in salons.

Waxing and facials are the main topics covered in Empire’s esthetician curriculum.

Students are instructed on the complexity of deep cleansing and nourishing face procedures. Students who take waxing programs learn how to get rid of unwanted hair.

Lia Schorr’s Organization

Aspiring estheticians are instructed by qualified teachers at Lia Schorr. The institution’s instructors have years of combined teaching expertise.

They are knowledgeable about every aspect of the profession, from company management to the aesthetic skills needed to take care of the skin and apply makeup.

To give estheticians the best learning opportunity, Lia Schorr works hard. There are lectures, written assignments, and practical exercises throughout the program.

Although the coursework is demanding, it ensures that graduates will be able to work as estheticians in New York.

They take pleasure in exhibiting their instructors and available materials so that students may see how advantageous training at Lisa Schorr can be.

The Makeup Academy of New York, run by Nina MUA

Students are taught business and technical skills in the majority of New York’s esthetician schools. In contrast to other courses, this one teaches crucial abilities including consulting skills. They also teach interpersonal communication skills.

It’s common practice to undervalue communication abilities. Communication abilities are necessary for addition to aesthetics and makeup expertise. We all need communication skills to interact with clients and other people effectively.

Students graduate from the curriculum knowing how to use this technique to become estheticians in New York.

New York City’s Chic Studios – Makeup School:

Chic Studios NYC is a well-known esthetician school in New York. Over time, they have consistently surpassed the bar for providing services of the greatest calibre. This is the result of their institution’s experience and years of commitment to excellence.

They make sure that pupils become adept at the aesthetics art form. They also set the pace for beauty trends by instructing students in New York on how to become estheticians.

Chic Studios offers ongoing savings on cosmetics to its students and graduates. Companies like MAC Cosmetics, L’Oreal, NYX, and others produce these beauty tools.

Academy of Beauty Culture:

The goal of Beauty Culture, which has a 4.5 rating on www.yelp.com, is to find and teach qualified beauticians.

The new generation of estheticians will have cutting-edge tools thanks to Beauty Culture.

For students from working class backgrounds, Beauty Culture Academy uses a flexible learning strategy. They run a successful evening course program.

The Beauty Culture Academy in Staten Island has a student salon. Students get the chance to use their knowledge in actual situations.

Beauty School of Brittany:

One of the New York beauty schools that have been in business since 1985 is Brittany. The college offers exceptional courses that last longer than 600 hours.

In Brittany, several courses are two-year programs that demand training hours. At Brittany Beauty Academy, the field of esthetics, the beauty industry, and how to become an esthetician in New York are all thoroughly taught.

The Council on Occupational Education has granted the organization accreditation (COE). Additionally, they have National Accrediting Commission for Career Arts and Sciences accreditation (NACCAS)

School of Esthetics in New York:

One of the best esthetician schools in New York City is the New York School of Esthetics.

They have offered teaching in a variety of fields related to the beauty industry since 2009.

They want to give the kids a stimulating curriculum that would help them achieve their full potential.

Twenty different courses are offered at the New York School of Esthetics and Spa Therapeutics. They stand out from other aesthetic schools because of this.

They have received accreditation from the National Accrediting Commission for Career Arts and Sciences. They are also acknowledged by the NYC Department of Education.

Aveda’s Institute of Art and Science:

The top estheticians in the industry are to be produced by the Aveda Institute of Art and Science. The highest calibre of professionals teaches students using modern curricula. They combine skilled strategies with knowledge of retail and business development.

You need to have a solid background in science to enrol in the Aveda Institute of Art and Sciences. They offer courses on topics like chemical peels, applying cosmetics, using skin care products, and laser procedures.

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The Aveda Institute of Art offers education in applying cosmetics and general skin care. They provide teaching that is both theoretical and practical.

Classes in skincare and cosmetics are a part of the school’s practical training programs. laser treatment and brow/lash tinting workshop.

An application fee of $100 must be paid to be accepted into the Aveda Institute of art and science.


Esthetics is a beautiful art that calls for commitment. Beyond the creative talent or inearth gift, you must elevate your excitement. Select one of the top esthetician programs in New York that we have suggested in today’s reading.


How long does it take to become an esthetician in New York?

An approved course of study requires 600 hours to complete, according to dos.ny.gov. You need to pass both the written and practical tests to be granted an operating license in New York.

What is the cost of esthetician training in New York City?

The length of this educational session ranges from one week to eight months. The average length of time varies depending on qualification and is 3.8 months.

Is it possible to study esthetics online in New York?

Complete the License Application for Esthetics and send it in.

Online services enable you to examine and access your licence information as well as receive updates during the process. To become an esthetician in New York State, you must be at least 17 years old.



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