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Are you planning to register for the 2023–2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)? If so, we are happy to inform you that the registration portal is now open to all applicants seeking admission to continue their education at any Nigerian postsecondary institution of your choice. The contest begins in February and ends in March 2023.

Good news! Since JAMB 2023/2024 has finally activated the Caps Portal, applicants for those years can now check to see if they have been admitted or not.

Additionally, we are confident that JAMB registration has begun; the lengthy wait is finally over. One thing is for certain: registration for the JMB 2022/2023 will begin before the first week of March.

Is the 2023–2024 JAMB form formally available?

Beginning in January, the 2022/2023 jamb form. You all must wait a short time because registration has been notified by the JAMB team, the joint admissions, and the matriculation board.


When Will JAMB 2023/2024 Form Be Released?

According to information we got from an insider, JAMB forms would be available starting in the first week of January and no later than the third week.

How Much Does The JAMB Form for 2023–2024 Cost?

You might be curious about the cost or price of the JAMB form, thus let us demonstrate the cost of the form. For 2022, a JAMB form costs N3, 500.

Please be aware that the JAMB Novel will cost you 500 Naira.

Things to Remember For An Easy 2023/2024 Jamb Registration

Before beginning their registration, we want candidates to have the most thorough understanding of UTME procedures.

  • All candidates must pay a token cost of four thousand naira to the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination Board to register; of this amount, three thousand, five hundred naira (#3,500) is used to purchase the e-pin and 500 nairas is used to purchase the prescribed jamb novel “Sweet Sixteen” by Bolaji Abdullahi.
  • All candidates will receive a CD called an “e-brochure” that includes the UTME’s whole syllabus, a list of courses, and some crucial information including the UTME norms and regulations.
  • Every candidate’s profile has an e-pin for each one they purchased.
  • Candidates must safeguard their personal information, including emails, passwords, e-pins, registration numbers, ATM card numbers, and other sensitive information.
  • Candidates’ login information may not be requested by UTME officials. If the necessity arises, you can, however, input it yourself.

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Jamb 2023/2024 Procedures for UTME Registration

The results of the JMB are available.

The following stage will be simpler to understand after going through the information above. To complete the process, the information listed below must be submitted.

  • Setting up a profile:

Candidates are encouraged to start the UTME registration process by providing a working mobile number, which will be used to construct a profile. The given contact number can only be used by one candidate, and it will be added immediately to their profile.

The candidates and UTME officials can usually reach one other with a phone number. A text message with information is then sent to this number.

  • Forwarding of Name:

After registering a profile with a working phone number, the next step is to send your name. With this particular format—Surname, First Name, and Middle Name—these names are sent to 55019 via SMS. It was provided by UTME officials.

  • Registration Verification:

UTME officials will text a code containing 10 characters that serve as the candidate registration number to the candidates’ provided mobile numbers to notify them of their registration. Any form of purchasing facility nearby will have this code available.

The e-pin for the candidate is also texted to the recipient. To complete the continuing registration, the received e-pin must be submitted at any authorized CBT center.

How to recover losses and correct mistakes in candidate profiles

Even during the registration process,

many errors and losses occur. For example, a candidate’s name has been typed incorrectly, their profile code is missing, or their password has been lost. Please adhere to the guidelines listed below if you are struggling with any of these problems.

  • To fix the candidate’s name spelling

Sending a text message to the phone you used to create your profile is all that is required to make a candidate name correction. Text 55019 with the following information: CORRECT Surname, First or Middle Name.

  • To Retrieve a Lost Profile Code:

The candidate should text the number they used to create their profile to 55019 to recover a missing profile code. The body of the message should follow this format; RESEND.

  • Recover a profile password:

In case you can’t remember your password for your profile and want to get it back, candidates should send; (password) space (email address) using the phone number they used to register. Call or text 55019. Your password will be immediately reset if you do this.

Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination e-pin outlets can be found all around the country. There are businesses authorized to provide applicants with these e-pins.

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Commercial Financial Institutions And the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST)

The NIPOST is one well-known authorized location where applicants can quickly locate the UTME e-pin. Several commercial banks, including Union, Unity, Access, Polaris, First, FCMB, Jaiz, Fidelity, and Micro Finance Bank, are also included. All of these retailers are allowed to sell UTME e-pins.

Methods for Making Online Payments

Payment can be made for UTME e-pin purchases online for a quick and simple transaction. The inspection body has granted licenses to several online payment platforms, including Interswitch (Quick teller), United Payment System (UPS), System spec (Remittal), e-transact, and Super Link.

How to Make Payments on the Official Jamb Website

JAMB’s official website is another option for getting your e-pin. All you need to do is adhere to the below-listed steps:

  • Login to JAMB’s official portal for your online payment.
  • Enter your Profile Code and then click on the 2022/2023 Application Document link.
  • Select the Inters witch or Remittal payment method that best suits your needs.
  • Following a successful transaction, an e-pin will be produced and sent to the registered phone number.

How to Register for the Jamb at the CBT Center


The electronic pin (E-pin) you bought will be needed as you approach any CBT-authorized center. Your name will be automatically displayed once it has been processed. Candidates must take the following actions to complete the registration process:

  • All Jamb candidates will now be required to pay a service fee of seven hundred nairas (#700). However, the price can’t be more than that.
  • A candidate’s bio will need to include information like their birthdate, place of origin, nationality, gender, email address, and local government, among other things.
  • The candidate should choose the institution and discipline that best suit him or her.
  • Candidates must upload their qualifications right away. including O-level results and pertinent certifications. (If accessible)

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Things To Take Note Of When Registering For JAMB 2023

There are a couple of things all jamb candidates must adhere to during the period of registration. They are listed below;

  • When Jamb opens its portal for result uploading, candidates may post their O’level results if they are not yet accessible at the time of registration.
  • Candidates must submit their grades and results for the UTME to evaluate their recommendations from any institution; otherwise, the recommendation will not be considered.
  • Candidates for direct entry must provide the UTME registration number on their initial institutional certificate.
  • All images should be taken, not only those in the passport.
  • Complete the ten-finger enrollment (Biometric)
  • To print your registration slip, use biometric authentication.
  • Get your books and CDs free of charge.

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How To Reprint A Jamb Slip For 2023 or 2024


If you wish to reprint your 2023/2024 jamb slip, which contains crucial information regarding your exam, follow these procedures.

  • Visit the exam slip reprinting jamb portal at


  • Type in your phone number, email address, or Jamb registration number.
  • Verify that the email address or phone number you entered is the same as the one you used to register for Jamb.
  • Select the “print slip” button.
  • The slip can be saved on your phone as a PDF file, then printed at any cyber café. Every cyber café offers Jamb reprinting services. Do some copies after printing the form again.
  • Make a few copies, about five extra slips.

Can I print my exam slip more than once?

As often as you’d like, print your exam slip. Nothing restricts this in any way. You don’t need to print your jamb slip more than once, though, in my opinion. In case you lose the original slip, this is why you need to make photocopies.

When Is The Deadline To Print Out The Jamb Slip For 2023/2024?

For printing your Jamb exam slip, there is typically no time limit or end date. However, you need to be aware that without this slip, you are not permitted to enter the exam room.

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