Best Paid Internships in Thailand 2022

This are the List of all Best Paid Internships in Thailand 2022, marketing Internship of a lifetime, Product Distribution, Marketing Communications and Product Support Internship in Business Development Alliance Services with BT in 2022.

Operation Internship under Best Paid Internships in Thailand 2022

Dentsu Business Internship Intern in marketing innovation (Aegis Network) Intern in Procurement (Business, Accounting, Finance, Economics)
The FY21 Assurance Internship Program (Internship – Business Development) will include participation from Asia.
(Intern in Talent Acquisition – Trust & Safety).

Some of the businesses I’ve worked with include TikTok thought works (Talent Acquisition Intern), Open (Tech Intern), and S2M-group (Business Development Internship – Chinese).

About Bangkok internship

Bangkok is the location of the dream internship with a Procter & Gamble product supplier.
Payment: $51,673

P&G develops the greatest business executives in the sector and builds internationally recognized brands. The company offers brands like Always, Ariel, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Oral-B, Pampers, Pantene, Tampax, and others.


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Additionally, they work hard to select the greatest candidates, invest in their development, and hire only the brightest. One of the paid internships in Thailand is this one.

In general, their Bangkok factory may be the greatest location for you to obtain this experience, especially through this Product Supply (Manufacturing/Engineering) internship.

You stand a decent possibility of landing a full-time position with P&G as an intern here.

You must be a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in engineering or a field related to supply chains who will graduate in 2022 to qualify.

Additionally, you must be of Thai nationality and speak Thai and English well.

Procter & Coupin Marketing Provider under Best Paid Internships in Thailand 2022

Procter & Coupon Marketing Provider Dream Internship Located at Bangkok

Payment: $51,673

As was already mentioned, P&G is a well-known and powerful company. The P&G marketing and brand management teams are in charge of developing each brand’s vision and strategy.

You can get to work right away developing marketing strategies and choosing particular marketing tactics based on consumer, shopper, and customer insights for one of the company’s world-class brands.

You must be a third- or fourth-year university student / Master’s degree candidate graduating in 2022 in any field, preferably one related to business, to qualify for this internship. You must also speak Thai and English very well.

Bosch Watthana Internship

Bosch Watthana is the site for the BT Internship 2022

Provider of Marketing Communications and Sales Support.
$1,105 monthly salary

The Bosch Building Technologies division is a part of the Bosch Group. They are a leader in the production and distribution of systems and products for communications, security, and safety worldwide. One of the highest-paying internships in Thailand is provided by this company.

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To create “building solutions for a better life” is their mission. Additionally, you’ll carry out the following duties while an intern at the business:

Create Thai content for websites, newsletters, and social media.
Organize online and offline training, workshop, and marketing events with the team, as well as translate articles, social media posts, or commercial content from English to Thai.

You must be dependable, capable of handling multiple tasks and have attention to detail to be considered for this internship. Possess strong English and Thai writing and translation skills, as well as fundamental computer abilities with programs like Excel, Adobe Photoshop, and video editing software.

Amazon Watthana

Amazon Watthana is the site of the internship in business development for the Amazon Global Selling Provider.
Payment: $50,134

An enthusiastic and driven Business Development Intern in Thailand is wanted by Amazon Global Selling, a company with operations in the United States. In Thailand, their internships are also compensated.

The intern will be in charge of assisting Thai sellers on the Amazon US Marketplace with service provider development and recruitment.

This internship will be full-time and last for six months. Candidates for this internship need to be authorized to work in Thailand.

You must be enrolled in a bachelor’s program, be able to legally work in Thailand, and possess excellent written and vocal Thai and English communication skills to be considered for this internship.

You must also be creative and imaginative, and you must have a track record of using data analysis to solve problems.

Partner services in Best Paid Internships in Thailand 2022

Partner Services for Internships Agoda, the operation provider Place: Bangkok
Average monthly pay is between $14,000 and $16,000, and yearly pay ranges between $171,500 and 187,500.

Agoda is a website that allows users to book hotels, flights, and other travel-related services online. They develop and use cutting-edge technology to link travellers with more than 2.5 million rooms across the world.

You can conceptualize, present, and put new supply performance ideas into practice during an internship with the supply operations team.

A few examples include expanding inventory and availability, enhancing our competitive position, boosting supply team productivity, and spotting efficiency gains. This is a paid internship in Thailand.

You must be a current student, possess strong communication abilities, and speak English fluently to be considered for this internship. Additionally, you ought to be knowledgeable about the travel, technology, and e-commerce sectors.

Additionally, you ought to have a plan in MS Excel, PowerPoint, or some other program. You need to be highly motivated to learn and develop, as well as possess a “get it done” mentality. Strong numerical and analytical abilities are necessary, as well as the capacity for clear and succinct communication.

internship with a business provider: Michelin

Thailand’s Bangkok serves as the setting.
the wage of $33,000

The top tyre producer in the world, Michelin, is dedicated to enhancing the mobility of people and things by producing and marketing tyres and services for all types of vehicles, including trucks, earthmovers, automobiles, bicycles, and motorbikes.

There are internships available at the business. Assisting important users in relevant systems and collaborating well with team/authority to ensure smooth operation are some of the company’s primary expected successes.

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You must be a third- or fourth-year student majoring in business, management, or a closely related discipline, as well as a native Thai speaker with proficient English communication skills, to be eligible to work as an intern for this company.

Additionally, you must have a strong sense of responsibility, be able to work at the Michelin HQ Office and be proficient with MS Excel and MS Office (Rama9-Bangkok). The company offers a paid internship opportunity.

Dentsu Aegis Network internship (DAN)

The supplier is Dentsu.
Thailand’s U-Chu-Liang Building in Bangkok

Dentsu is a provider of numerous services in the digital economy. They are a multi-talented crew with experience in technology, media, and creative material.

You will develop flexibility and be exposed to novel, intriguing ideas working with this organization. All departments at Dentsu offer internship opportunities. However, this depends on the academic background and interests of the student.

Agoda is a provider of marketing innovation internships in Bangkok.

Average monthly pay is between $14,000 and $16,000, and yearly pay ranges between $171,500 and 187,500.

As was already said, Agoda is a website that allows users to book hotels, flights, and other travel-related services. They develop and use cutting-edge technology to link travellers with more than 2.5 million rooms across the world.

They also innovate by encouraging experimentation and ownership, which enables their clients to travel the globe. One of the paid internships in Thailand is this one.

You will have the ability to establish reports and systems for internal usage, increase operational effectiveness and revenue growth within the Partner Marketing Team department, and improve interdepartmental workflow throughout your internship with this organization.

You must have a letter from your university confirming your internship duration and be presently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to be eligible for this internship. Additionally, you must be able to collaborate with a variety of professions.

Additionally, you need a good attitude, the ability to learn and adapt, and a command of the English language.

Procurement Internship (Business, Accounting, Finance, Economics)

The provider is ExxonMobil.
Pay: between 110K and 124K per year. Place: Bangkok

An oil, gas, energy and utility business called ExxonMobil offers internships to students.

You will gain knowledge of the Purchase-to-Pay process, which includes actions like requisitioning or obtaining products and services, as an ExxonMobil procurement department intern.

Ordering, contracting, distributing, and reporting for goods and services are also necessary to support ExxonMobil’s intricate chemical and oil businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

Third-year students majoring in business administration, accounting, finance, or economics are especially encouraged to apply, as are those with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Bangkok is the location of the PwC FY21 Assurance Internship Program.

Range of salaries: $1,386 to $8,217

PwC is an assurance company that serves a broad spectrum of clients, from tiny, fast-expanding firms to major corporations, by providing assurance services and business advice.

You will participate in a collaborative effort to solve problems as an intern or trainee, helping to find solutions to complicated business problems spanning from strategy to execution.

Your ability to employ tools, techniques, and firm-standard methodologies to assist research, analysis, and problem-solving in this organization will therefore depend on your ability to comprehend how PwC operates as a business and offers value to clients.

Additionally, to communicate both verbally and in writing with assurance, clarity, coherence, articulation, etc.

To be qualified for an internship with this organization, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting. One of Thailand’s highest-paying internships is this one.

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