Digital Skill is the use of proved scientific knowledge to solve problems. Technology has solved a lot of real world problems, like in mathematics, engineering which has yielded solutions like self-driving cars, solar energies, artificial intelligence (Home AI like Jarvis), mobile phones, and laptops etc.

It includes the development and use of tools, machines, and processes that help people to do their work more efficiently and effectively. Technology has helped so many companies and individuals to do their tasks more efficiently.


Do you know that in health sector, with the help of technology, major operations are done using machines?

Do you like Technology?



The ability to get a problem solved or task accomplished using technology is referred as technology skill.

Technology skills or digital skills can be categorised in: basic technology skills and advanced technology skills.

Basic digital skills are the core skills required in the technology, like learning how to use a computer, able to surf or search data on the internet, receiving and sending of emails. These skills are essential for anyone who wants to use technology, but they are only the beginning.

Advanced digital skills are classified as dedicated skills which involves creating a website, building Artificial intelligence tool, blogging, penetration testing, using social media, or editing photos and videos. These skills can be learned through internet, or through physical tutor. We would advise you to choose the best learning method for you. You could learn from Udemy, YouTube, Coursera, and  schoolhubby, etc.

No matter what your level of technology skills, there is always something new to learn. Keeping your skills up-to-date is essential in today’s ever-changing world.



We have two work methods in technology, which are:

  1. Remote (working from home)
  2. On-site (working in office).

COVID-19 has promoted remote work mode. So many companies went remote and some recorded huge success as they were focusing more on getting more sales, and less expenses on office utilities.

 Remote work statistic


  1. Basic computer skills: These skills include being able to use a computer, as well as common software programs such as word processors, email, and internet browsers.
  2. Advanced computer skills: These skills include more complex functions such as using spreadsheets, databases, and programming languages.
  3. Technical skills: These skills involve using specific types of technology, such as audio or video editing software, or web design tools.
  4. Interpersonal skills: These skills involve being able to effectively communicate and collaborate with others using technology, such as through video conferencing or online collaboration tools.
  5. Organizational skills: These skills involve being able to manage technology resources and projects effectively.

Having strong technology skills can give you a competitive edge in many different fields.


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Digital skills has provided so many roles and opportunities to individuals and companies to be established and has raised millions of dollars.

These roles include:

  1. Digital marketing: Digital marketing is the ability to sell your products, goods and services to people using internet. At this stage, it doesn’t require any physical meeting with your buyer, since the trust has been built by technology. Have you ever wondered why most companies or individuals sell their goods online? Answer: Because it generates more sales than physical meetups. Digital marketing has sub-categories like:    Pay-per-click marketing (PPC): this is when you get paid, when users click  on the link given to you by advertiser or company.               b. Affiliate marketing : affiliate marketing is one of the top notches of making huge money online. You advertise products for companies, and if anyone buys any product through the link you shared, you will have a commission, it could be 50% of the product’s  price.             c. Drop servicing: this involves getting a gig, at the same time outsourcing it to someone else. Let’s think of this, you’re not a designer, but you got a contract to design for a client, all you have to do, is to outsource it to a credible designer. You could pay him $500 out of $1000 paid to you by client. d. Drop shipping is the process of selling goods that you don’t have, but you can access them through digital sellers. Example: Shoppify, Ebay, Amazon etc.
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  2. Content Writing: Do you love writing? Do you know that through writing you can buy cars and live comfortably? Content writing is you writing on a topic for companies or blog sites. Most news blogs, business blogs were written by paid writers.
  3. Blogging: providing a platform where users can find information or resources like schoolhubby.com can set you free financially. All you have to do, is to
    a. Select a niche
    b. Select a domain name and hosting plan, you can sign up here.
    c. Hire an experienced blog developer, I recommend Edward
    d. Start posting
    e. Get adsense approval.
    f. Congratulations 🎉👏 you’re now a blogger.
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  4. Youtube: Do you like sharing your knowledge through a video? Do you know that you can monetize your video? Sign up with YouTube, start creating engaging video, it could be comedy, education, entertainment, health, finance and psychology etc. An average YouTuber makes $3000 daily.
  5. Digital trader: Trading Gold, crypto, and forex has been a life changer for some people in the world. It gives huge money to those who are good with the tactics and takes huge money from those with less tactics. A single successful trade could give you $200 or more depending on your strategy. If you would like to learn more about this, try get a mentor or useful resources, because there are lots of scammers outside there.
    Sign up and get started
  6. Software engineering: Software engineering is widely the bedrock of technology. There are a lots roles in software engineering, you could be a data analyst, database analyst, mobile developer, frontend Engineer, backend engineer, DevOps, system tester and project manager, etc.
  7. Customer Service: Most companies are hiring customer service agents who will attend to their clients online or onsite and get paid for the services.
  8. Freelancing: Freelancing is fast growing. You don’t have to be in office to get work done, companies hire individuals through freelancing sites like Upwork, freelancer or fiverr etc, to get their jobs done. They hire for different roles, it could be for content writers, developers etc.
  9. Social media influencer: Do you have good number of followers on social media? Do you know that you can make money from it? Tiktok, facebook and whatsapp can generate income for you. Young teens have made so much money from social media.
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  10. Online tutor: You can be an online tutor for companies like Udemy, Upeople, etc, where you teach people things you know.


Schoolhubby.com has provided you 10 technology or digital skills that can generate passive and active income. We would be glad if you try any of these, try comment in the comment section.


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