Fully funded European Scholarships for the class of 2023

Fully funded European Scholarships for the class of 2023, IELTS is not necessary to apply for scholarships in Europe. Most scholarships offered in Europe have no application fees.

Because colleges in European nations have started to accept applications for admission and scholarships, the application period for the fully-funded 2022–2023 academic session of the European Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate degrees are now open.

In recent years, Europe has emerged as one of the most sought-after study locations for students, academics, and researchers. Europe is home to many highly regarded universities that charge more for higher-quality education yet nonetheless deliver it.

Although the majority of applicants struggle to be accepted, numerous financial aid programs support the education of gifted students at such European colleges. I’ll list a selection of highly competitive scholarships for students starting the academic year 2022–2023 in European universities in this article.

Europe Approved Fully funded European Scholarships for the class of 2023

The following is a verified and comprehensive list of every scholarship available this year for international students to study for free in European nations.


The global scholarship program of the UK government offers Chevening Scholarships to deserving students from all over the world who are citizens of Chevening-eligible nations. Awards are typically for master’s degrees that last one year.

Numerous Chevening Scholarships offer tuition fees, an economy class round-trip travel to the UK, a fixed living stipend (for one person), and additional monies to meet required expenditures.

Scholarships are offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for a variety of postgraduate programs at German universities that are particularly pertinent to develop nations. Students and professionals from Africa, North America, South America, the Pacific Islands, Asia, Eastern Europe, Europe, and other developing nations are eligible for this worldwide scholarship. Selected programs may receive full or partial scholarships through the DAAD initiative.

International Students Requirements into Fully funded European Scholarships for the class of 2023

International students from outside the EEA and the EEU are given grants every year by the Danish Ministry of Education to help them complete any higher education program at particular Danish universities. The scholarship may be given in the form of grants to aid with living costs or whole or partial remission of tuition fees.

The Eiffel scholarship program was developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a crucial instrument for French higher education institutions to attract exceptional students from all over the world to study for any master’s or PhD degree. Eiffel scholarship candidates are given a monthly stipend in addition to financial aid for things like round-trip airfare, health insurance, and extracurricular activities. However, it does not pay for tuition.

The Holland Scholarship is designed for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who want to attend one of the participating universities in Holland to study for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Students will get the 5,000 euro grant for their first year of study.

Italian Students Eligibility into Fully funded European Scholarships for the class of 2023

Both Italian students studying abroad and international students studying in Italy are eligible for scholarships from the Italian government. Among other things, scholarships are offered for courses leading to a college degree, courses in the arts and music, advanced vocational training, master’s degree programs, and doctoral programs. There are only three, six, or nine-month scholarships offered.

Outstanding international students from impoverished nations who aspire to attend Swedish universities are given scholarships in Sweden by the Swedish Institute. The majority of the scholarships offered for study in Sweden are at the master’s level. Tuition, living costs, insurance, and a portion of travel costs are all covered by the scholarship.

Students from more than 180 nations are eligible for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships, which allow them to enrol in any authorized research centre in Switzerland for a PhD or post-doctoral study. The benefits of this scholarship also include a monthly stipend, health insurance, tuition, and other expenses.

International students from more than 54 poor nations, including those in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, can apply for VLIR-UOS scholarships to study at universities in Belgium for any English-taught development-related Master’s program. The scholarships cover all fees associated with the program, including tuition, living expenses, travel, and any related costs.

University of Amsterdam Founded

The University of Amsterdam offers the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (AES) to outstanding students pursuing any Master’s degree. Particularly open to students who don’t live in the EU is this scholarship. This complete scholarship, worth €25,000, will pay for both tuition and living costs.

The University of Bologna offers scholarships to meritorious students around the world. Students who want to enrol in the University of Bologna’s Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Single Cycle Degree Program are eligible for this award. The scholarship lasts for a year and is valued at about €11,059.

For students from India, Africa, and other Commonwealth developing nations who want to study for a Master’s degree at the University of Nottingham, there are the Developing Solutions Scholarships.

The progress of their native country must be strongly desired by the students. A total of 105 scholarships are given out annually, with 75 paying half the cost of tuition and 30 covering the whole amount.

University of Groningen Scholarship Program under Fully funded European Scholarships for the class of 2023

The University of Groningen offers scholarships from the Erik Bleumink Fund for any one- or two-year Master’s degree program. The scholarship awarded to Erik Bleumink includes tuition, overseas travel, books, subsistence, and health insurance.

The Master Scholarship Program (MSP) and the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Program are two scholarship programs that ETH Zurich gives to deserving individuals who desire to pursue a Master’s degree there (ESOP). The Excellence Scholarship waives tuition fees in addition to covering housing and study costs (CHF 11,000 per semester).

The Master Scholarship Program covers both the cost of tuition and a portion of living and study expenses (CHF 6,000 per semester).

Gates Exceptional students living anywhere outside of the United Kingdom who want to pursue a PhD in any subject offered by the University of Cambridge may apply for a Cambridge Scholarship. The scholarship pays for all of the expenses associated with attending the University of Cambridge, such as the University Composition Fee, College fees, one round-trip economy flight to and from the beginning and end of the course, one student’s maintenance allowance, and incoming visa fees.

For exceptional non-EU/EEA students pursuing a master’s degree at Leiden University, there is a scholarship program called LExS. The tuition charge may be covered by a scholarship up to a maximum of €10,000, €15,000, or the full tuition fee less the home fee.

High achievers from nations other than the European Union or Switzerland who intend to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree at Lund University are given financial support through the Lund University Global Scholarship program. Up to 25 per cent, 50 per cent, 75 per cent, or 100 per cent of the total tuition charge may be covered by awards.

Netherlands Radboud Scholarship support for Fully funded European Scholarships for the class of 2023

The Netherlands Radboud Scholarship offers support to deserving non-EEA nationals who want to enrol in Radboud Nijmegan University’s English-language Master’s programs. The Netherlands’ Radboud scholarship covers a portion of your tuition. This Radboud Scholarship for the Netherlands also includes coverage for the cost of a Study VISA, health insurance, liability insurance, and a residence permit for students in the Netherlands.

Transform Together scholarships are available to non-UK and international students who aspire to enrol in a full-time undergraduate or PhD program at Sheffield Hallam University. A fee waiver of half (50%) is provided for postgraduate studies and each year of an undergraduate programme.

Students who wish to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland are eligible for UNIL Master’s Grants. For the duration of the program, this is an international scholarship that provides a grant of CHF 1,600 a month.

University of Maastricht Founded

The University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships is given out by the UM Scholarship Fund to inspire and encourage bright candidates from outside the EEA to enrol in a master’s program at UM. Living expenses, tuition, visa fees, and health insurance are all covered by the scholarships.

Outstanding students from EEA and EU countries as well as non-EEA and non-EU countries who want to study for a Master’s degree at the University of Twente can apply for University Twente Scholarships (UTS), which offers financial aid. The yearly scholarship award is between €6,000 and €25,000.

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