Get Germany Scholarship for international students

Get Germany Scholarship for international students

Get Germany Scholarship for international students

In today’s intensely competitive job environment, studying in Germany offers several advantages. Universities abound around the nation for freshmen eager to make an impression. Additionally, Germany presents itself as a potential location for people seeking post-graduate degrees. With this Germany scholarship should be able to study in Germany.

Although the thought of studying in Germany can be incredibly appealing, it can also be a challenging journey financially. Scholarships in Germany can help you avoid a lot of financial stress as you pursue your degree.

Below is a list of Germany scholarship

Merit Scholarship at Hamburg University

Hamburg, Germany’s Institution of Hamburg is a public research university. For undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees, the college offers merit scholarships. Applying for the prize is possible online. The application form must be accompanied by a CV, a letter of motivation, documentation of your involvement in social and intercultural activities, and recommendations from two teachers.


The applicant must have strong academic accomplishments to be considered for this award. They also need to be capable of other things, like writing and public speaking. The financial requirement will also be taken into consideration.


Amirana Scholarship


International students from the Global South who are pursuing degrees in medicine or dentistry at Heidelberg University can get financial aid through the Amirana Scholarship. To support these aspiring medical professionals, they hope to raise money.


The list of Global South nations should be reviewed by applicants first (you can view them on the website). Please have the accompanying documentation ready to submit with your application if your nation is included. You will typically need to provide your Curriculum Vitae, past academic records, and evidence of your English language ability, such as the results of the TOEFL, IELTS, and other English language tests.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship


A non-profit political organization in Berlin, Germany called the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung works to advance social democracy both locally and internationally. They want to help students who value social democracy and support initiatives sustaining those ideals. This scholarship is available to students from Germany and other countries who have a restricted ability to pay for their education.


In addition to other benefits, students are entitled to a monthly stipend of €774 and a study fee of €300.

The applicant must be a team player, a critical thinker, and have political aspirations to be considered for this scholarship in Germany. Additionally, they ought to be in top academic status. The candidate should be fluent in both speaking and comprehending German.


Scholarships from Heinrich Boll for International Students


A free-standing political foundation established in 1997, the Heinrich Boll Foundation is based in Berlin, Germany. This foundation seeks to advance political education domestically and abroad. They promote these ideas while also offering financial aid to Ph.D. and graduate students so they can continue their education. They now assist more than 1,200 students both in Germany and around the world.

These scholarships are provided by this German institution to non-European nationals who wish to pursue graduate and doctoral degrees in Germany. Graduate students are eligible for an €850 monthly stipend, while Ph.D. students are eligible for a €1200 monthly stipend.

You can begin your application at their online application portal, however, keep in mind that you should be fluent in German. When you apply for a scholarship, you must provide documentation of your German language ability.

Their website has additional materials and forms. Your supporting documents must be translated into German before being uploaded to the platform.


TUM Scholarships for International Students

For foreign students enrolling in undergraduate or graduate programs at the institution, the Technical University of Munich offers merit-based scholarships. Students with financial difficulties who thrive academically are awarded this grant.


Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships At Heidelberg University

One of the oldest and most prominent universities in Germany is located in the center of Heidelberg: Heidelberg University. The T.H.E (Times Higher Education) published a ranking of the top universities in Europe for 2018 that included Heidelberg University. The university offers more than 110 majors for undergraduate degrees and more than 80 programs for graduate degrees.

For international students, the university offers Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships. The recipients of this award must be undergraduate students majoring in mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, or technology.

Undergraduate and graduate students should get the paperwork ready in advance because the university demands an online application for these rewards. The prior academic records, a motivational letter, and other materials should be prepared by international bachelor’s students.



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Goethe University Graduate Scholarship


Goethe University, which has its headquarters in Frankfurt, was established in 1914 and has since grown to be one of Europe’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning. It is a state-funded institution that provides a range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in a range of fields, including business administration, law, and the social sciences. Furthermore, students have a choice of over 80 majors, including business administration, computer science, and economics.


Online applications are required if you’re interested in the scholarship. All required documents, including a resume, recommendation letter, and transcript record, may be uploaded to the site. So that you have a better chance of being chosen, be sure to pay attention to the deadlines for applying.


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