IB Diploma Scholarships at ISF in Hong Kong Academy 2022

IB Diploma Scholarships at ISF in Hong Kong Academy 2022, Students in Hong Kong may apply for IB Diploma Scholarships through the Independent Schools Foundation Academy.

The Board of Governors of the ISF Academy created her Scholarship Program to inspire our students to pursue greatness in their chosen disciplines, whether it be in academics, the arts, sports, or other areas.

Amounts up to 100% of the annual tuition fee are waived as part of this scholarship program. In addition, recipients receive an allowance each year to cover any costs associated with their special talents, such as competition and training costs.

There are scholarships available for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP).

Scholarships for the IB Diploma at the ISF Academy

The program’s main objective is to inspire and push our students to pursue both academic success and balanced growth.


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Hong Kong’s multilingual Independent Schools Foundation Academy is a private non-profit institution.

Along with offering the Middle Years and Diploma Programs, it is also an IBO World School. The campus is located in Pokfulam, Hong Kong, at Cyberport.

Study in IB Diploma Scholarships at ISF in Hong Kong Academy 2022 Amount

The ISF Academy offers scholarships for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP).

Theme of Study

Students who want to take courses the university offers are awarded scholarships.

Scholarship Grant

The recipient of the ISF Academy IB Diploma Scholarships receives the following advantages:

Up to five two-year IB DP Scholarships are offered for students in Grade 10. If there are still any available one-year IB DP Scholarships, applicants in Grade 11 may also apply.

Location for Study

Hong Kong residents may apply for this scholarship.


Residents of Hong Kong can apply.


To be qualified to apply for the ISF Academy IB Diploma Scholarships in Hong Kong in 2022, several requirements must be satisfied.

Those pupils who have excelled in their academics during the past three years. (Please note that more weight is given to the most recent school reports.) The academic performance of non-ISF Academy students is in the top five per cent of their current school.

Students applying to the ISF Academy must have received the following grades in the two years before their application and have earned a Commitment to Learning grade of at least “4” in each subject.

Average grade point at IB Diploma Scholarships at ISF in Hong Kong Academy 2022

A minimum average of “6.3” (out of a possible 7) in all MYP and non-MYP subjects, with no subject receiving a score of less than “4”, in Grades 8 to 10; a minimum of 38 points out of a potential 42 points in Grade 11. (excluding extra points for the extended essay and theory of knowledge).

To keep their scholarship, students must continue to achieve academically, demonstrate a dedication to studying, give back to the community, and set an example for other students.

Students who want to preserve their scholarship must:

Keep up a stellar GPA, show a dedication to learning, volunteer in the community, and set an example for other students.
Even if you meet the standards, there is no assurance that you will be awarded a scholarship.

The minimum expected requirements are particularly guided by the academic requirements listed. The school has sole discretion over who receives the scholarship.

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Re-registration and attendance by the student during the subsequent academic year are requirements for the scholarship grant.

Scholarship recipients who drop out of ISF without giving enough notice will be penalized with the entire amount of costs.

IB Diploma Scholarships at ISF in Hong Kong Academy 2022 Admission Requirements

Prior academic achievement is a requirement for consideration for admission.

How to Apply

The only required materials to apply for the ISF Academy IB Diploma Scholarships are as follows:

Completed scholarship application

Names and contact details of two anonymous referees please ask in advance for permission to use the referee’s name. Nevertheless, kindly exclude any written references. The scholarship selection committee will make individual contact with each referee.

Copies of the interim and final grades from the last three years’ worth of official transcripts and report cards. Reports from the ISF Academy are not required to be turned in. Only submit reports for the years the candidate did not attend The ISF Academy, for instance.

Copies of any credentials for performances, presentations, awards, etc.
Three separate statements
Any other details the applicant feels will strengthen their submission

Application Closing Date IB Diploma Scholarships at ISF in Hong Kong Academy 2022

The following due date must be observed while submitting forms:

Scholarship applications for colleges must be filed by December 14; those for students in grades 6 through 12 must be submitted.

Transfer applicants who miss the January deadline ought to get in touch with the admissions office. Scholarships for IB Diplomas at the ISF in Hong Kong Academy 2022.

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