Internships and Jobs at Erasmus Mundus in 2022

Internship Information:

Erasmus Mundus EMLex internships and jobs for 2022 Now batches are accessible. Excellent foreign candidates are given priority for internships and jobs with Erasmus. Candidates from abroad may apply for Erasmus Mundus Jobs. The possibility of an Erasmus Mundus internship is also open to candidates. IELTS is not required to apply for jobs or internships with Erasmus Mundus.

Students will spend the second semester of the two-year program at a different university each year alongside all other students. On request, a third institution in the EMLex consortium may be used for classes during the third semester. Studying at the so-called home university takes place throughout the first and fourth semesters.

The selection committee divides the applications equally among the partner universities after giving Erasmus Mundus applicants the chance to choose their top selections for their home university.

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Due to the fee-based nature of the Erasmus Mundus program, students are required to pay participation fees to the EMLex consortium each semester. In return, the consortium covers study-related expenses like tuition, administrative charges, health insurance, library fees, and so forth. Additionally, a supporting program is organized by it. All students are required to sign a Student Agreement before they start their studies.


The scope of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and its advantages

Support for living expenses: For the duration of the EMLex study program, $1,000 per month is required (24 months maximum)

Contribution towards installation and travel costs:

The annual travel allowance for scholarship holders who reside in a program country is €1,000.

Scholarship recipients who live within 4,000 kilometres of Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg, the scholarship’s co-coordinating institution, will receive 2,000 euros per year for travel expenses and 1,000 euros for installation expenses.

Scholarship recipients who live in a partner nation more than 4,000 kilometres from the coordinating university (Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg) will pay 3,000 euros per year for travel expenses and 1,000 euros for installation charges.

The scholarship also pays for the student’s expenses to attend the EMJMD-EMLex (see point 2 for details). These participation fees pay for all extra costs you incur while enrolled in your study. They include things like tuition, health insurance, library fees, office expenses, and activities for the arts.

Things to note Internships and Jobs at Erasmus Mundus in 2022

Please be aware that if you study in your country of residence, you will not be compensated for your living expenses throughout your stay. Students from partner nations who attend Stellenbosch will only be given a contribution toward living expenses for the duration of their three-month stay.

For the class of 2023, EMLex is offering 15 Erasmus scholarships, internships, and jobs. Courses will start based on the home university in September or October 2020. Students from partner countries receive 75% of the scholarships, while students from program nations receive 25% of the awards.

Except for Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland, non-EU nations are regarded as partners.

The initiative includes participation from 28 EU member nations as well as Turkey, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Liechtenstein, and Iceland.

You are regarded as a candidate from a programme nation if you are from a partner country and spent at least 12 months of the previous five years engaging in your major activity (studies, employment, training).

Jobs and Internships at Erasmus Mundus in 2022

Application requirements for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Candidates must hold a degree in computational or applied linguistics (foreign languages) from a higher education institution (HEI).

Subject to the cooperation and acceptance of the Consortium’s admission committee, other pertinent fields may include Translation Communication/Media Book Studies/Library and Information Science.

You may still apply even if your HEI degree is still being worked on. The constraint in this instance will be that the HEI degree certificate must be obtained before the EMLex study course can begin.

For students to successfully engage in the EMJMD EMLex master programme, they must possess text reception abilities that enable them to comprehend texts in their area of study and contribute actively to specialized discussions.

The instruction languages are English and German since one of these languages will be used for all courses. Language certifications are required as proof of language proficiency.

Note: Internships and Jobs at Erasmus Mundus in 2022

  • You must exhibit text production abilities in at least one of the two teaching languages that correspond to level B2 in your application.
  • Certificates demonstrating your proficiency in both languages’ text reception are required (see notes below).
  • Language diplomas can’t be older than two years.
  • The aforementioned records are the only ones that will be accepted as proof of the required language proficiency.
  • One of the following organizations must certify English competence (for non-native speakers) for at least the specified level (B1 or B2):
  • OnSet-English. A licensed testing facility in your nation is where you can take this exam (https://www.onset.de/testzentren-termin/). Jobs and Internships at Erasmus Mundus in 2022
  • British Council IELTS: 4.5 to 5/5.5 to 6.5 (ISE Foundation) Trinity: TOEFL iBT: at least 42; ISE I/II: at least 72
  • Cambridge: First, Advanced, or Proficiency Certificate in English Studies, Anglistik Preliminary Certificate, or Bachelor’s degree (or a degree of equal standing) from a university recognized by EMLex
  • German language proficiency for non-native speakers must be verified by one of the organizations listed below for at least the specified level (equivalent to B1 or B2):
  • German-language onSet (formerly “OnDaF”). A licensed testing facility in your nation is where you can take this exam (https://www.onset.de/testzentren-termin/).
  • Zertifizierung B1, minimum grade “gut”; Zertifizierung B2, minimum grade “gut”
  • SD-Zertifikat B1, at least “gut,” and Zertifikat B2, at least “gut” from Austria-Institut
  • TestDaF\sGermanistik Bachelor’s degree (or a degree of equal standing) from a university participating in the EMLex program

Criteria for Internships and Jobs at Erasmus Mundus in 2022

Students are selected for the EMJMD EMLex program based on their prior academic record and brilliance (both scholarship holders and self-financing students). All applications are initially scrutinized to see if they comply with the following criteria for eligibility:

Application completion, proof of language proficiency, and completion of a first HEI degree (see “degree” section above) are all requirements for eligibility. All applications that meet these requirements are then assessed against the selection criteria listed below:

  • HEI degree quality and grade (s)
  • Competence with linguistic analysis in a letter of motivation
  • Experience and expertise in lexicography and thermography.
  • Language proficiency
  • Candidates may be interviewed over the phone or by video conference, it should be highlighted.

How do I apply for a scholarship through Erasmus Mundus in Finland?

Apply by completing the form located at the bottom of this article.

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Send the application and necessary paperwork to [email protected].

Note the following prerequisites:

  • One PDF file must be used for all documents.
  • The file name should match the following structure: Application for EMLex + your name
  • The file size shouldn’t exceed 4 MB (if so you might have to zip the files).

The following papers must be provided to Erasmus Mundus in the correct order when submitting a scholarship application:

(1) Application format

(2) A motivational letter (2 pages max., in English or German). In your letter, you should touch on the following issues:

(a) Describe your motivation for enrolling in the EMLex Master’s Program as well as your goals and contributions. Additionally, you should describe your plans for using your EMLex master’s degree.

(b) Explain why you are interested in lexicography and how you have previously used scientific or applied lexicography.

(c) Describe why you favour your university (while your preferences will be taken into account as far as possible, the final assignment will be made to best fit your study needs).

(d) Answer the question: If given the chance, which lexicographic project in your nation would you wish to work on?

(3) A diploma from an HEI

(4) A transcript of your academic record

(5) language certifications

(6) a photocopy of your government-issued ID

Notes: PDF files that are excessively huge, unfinished, or lack the requisite order (1)-(6) or name will not be taken into account!

If your original documents are not in either English or German, certify the translations.

Please be aware that we are unable to return any of the papers you provide us.

Because the common summer term will be held at FAU, students beginning the program in 2022/23 won’t be able to study in Stellenbosch and Erlangen-Nürnberg at the same time.

If accepted, Chinese students should request document certification from the German Embassy in Beijing’s Akademische Prüfstelle des Kulturreferats.

Vietnamese students: If approved, please have the Akademische Prüfstelle at the German Embassy in Hanoi certify your documents.

Please have your documentation confirmed by the Akademische Prüfstelle at the German Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, if you are a Mongolian student admitted into the EMLex Program.

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