Korean Government Scholarship Program (kGSP) 2023

Online applications for Korean Government Scholarship Program (kGSP) 2023 are now being accepted by the Korean Government Scholarship Program. The Korean government has unveiled its KGSP education program for international students to increase the educational rate of Korean higher institutions.

Scholarships from the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) will enable students to attend any university of their desire to complete their undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees.

Additionally, the KGSP scholarship aims to build bridges between Koreans and citizens from other nations.

Support for the 2023 Korean Government Scholarship Sponsorship Program:

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Sponsorship opportunities Korean Government Scholarship Program (kGSP) 2023

It will be paid for through the KGSP scholarship.
The grantees will get a 200,000 KRW relocation or resettlement allowance.
Living expenses will be covered to the tune of KRW 20,000 per month.
Monthly premiums for medical insurance will be KRW 20,000.
Each recipient will get KRW 800,000 every three months to help defray the expense of their language training.
Tuition fees will be covered (of maximum KRW 5,000,000 per semester)
A prize was given to someone who has demonstrated a high level of fluency in the Korean language.
A grant of up to KRW 240,000 (per semester) to help with research expenses (per semester)
To print the dissertation or thesis, you’ll need between 500,000 and 800,000 KRW in funding.
You’ll receive KRW 100,000 for completing the degree program.
If you’re a student enrolled in a research-based program, keep in mind that you’ll be eligible for the research and thesis printing grant.

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Qualifications for Korean Government Scholarship Program (kGSP) 2023

You must meet all of these basic conditions before applying for the KGSP Korean Scholarships 2023.

  • The applicant and both of his or her parents must have been born outside of Korea.
  • Non-Korean nationals are not eligible.
  • To complete their degree program in Korea, applicants must be physically and intellectually fit.
  • The minimum age requirement for undergraduate students and applicants is 25 years of age.
  • At the time of acceptance, graduate students must be under the age of 40.
  • You must have completed all three levels of schooling before coming to Korea as an undergraduate.
  • After graduating from college, students are required to take the GRE.
  • Applicant must have a cumulative GPA of at least 80 per cent. This grade point average (GPA) or percentage is based on the student’s previous academic institution.
  • Before applying, the candidate must not have attended or graduated from any Korean educational institution. (This covers any undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree.) Education beyond high school is not covered.
  • Applicants with a 90% or above grade point average and a current or former KGSP award are eligible to reapply. They have the option of applying directly to the university or following the university route as a backup plan of action.

Qualifications for KGSP, how can I apply?

Find a Korean university that offers the South Korean KGSP scholarship, and then follow the steps provided by that university to apply for the scholarship and gain admission into that university. Here are a few more specifics:

Potential candidates are referred to the Korean Embassy or a local university by the NIIED.

To be accepted, students must apply through either the embassy or their university.
The embassy in the candidate’s home country or the university where they applied must receive the required paperwork.

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The Korean institution or embassy will then send the documents to NIIED (only the documents of the shortlisted candidates will be sent). As a result, we can be certain that those selected are eligible for the scholarship.

After that, the documents will be evaluated by NIIED, which will subsequently notify the beneficiaries’ embassy or college.
Candidates will be informed of their acceptance or rejection by the embassy or university. Students aren’t notified by the scholarship committee in any way.

Documents needed to apply for the Korean Scholarship Program (KGSP):

  • To avoid any future delays in completing your Korean Scholarship Application, ensure that the following documents are available.
  • The greatest level of education
  • The best transcripts are possible.
  • Recommendation letters from previous employers or educators
  • Master’s and doctoral applicants must provide a personal statement or statement of purpose.
  • A study plan is required for MS students.
  • Master’s thesis plan of study
  • For applicants to the bachelor’s program, a motivational letter

Application Deadline for Scholarships in 2023:

This year’s application deadline for the Korean government scholarship program is July 30, 2022. The next batch of applications will be open for submissions soon after this initial batch closes.

To find out when the KGSP application deadline is, prospective participants can get in touch with the Korean embassy in their country of residence. For an application form and more information, go to the official website of the Korean government scholarship.

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