Malaysian International Scholarship Programs 2022-2023


Malaysian International Scholarship Programs 2022-2023
The Malaysian government established the Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) to encourage bright students from all around the world to pursue postgraduate courses in Malaysia.

Aiming to become a centre of academic excellence around the globe, Malaysia plans to attract, motivate, and retain brilliant international human capital through this fellowship.

For international graduates with outstanding academic and co-curricular backgrounds, this research will enable them to study at leading Malaysian universities and research institutions while also enjoying Malaysian hospitality and a world-class higher education experience.

The application period for the academic year 2022/2023 will run from Friday, May 15 through Friday, June 15, 2022, Pacific Standard Time.

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International students are now able to apply for Malaysia’s fully-funded scholarships for the class of 2023. A wide variety of courses and degree programs are eligible for Malaysian Scholarships. Malaysian scholarships can be applied for without an IELTS score.

Increasing numbers of Malaysian students are turning to higher education as the country’s literary reputation continues to rise. Approximately two decades ago, Malaysia’s adult literacy rate was around 89.5 per cent; today, that number has more than doubled to nearly 100%.

There is currently a 95.08 per cent literacy rate in Malaysia, which has increased its global literacy ranking from #52 to #39. Significant improvement in Malaysia’s educational system is evidence of it.

However, the fact that men and women are becoming more literate points to a rise in the number of persons enrolling in and graduating from universities. Scholarship programs for both national and interregional students have been established to encourage students to pursue higher education, which has resulted in a tremendous rise in enrollment.

Universities in Malaysia require students to be fluent in English.

The good news is that Malaysian colleges recognize IELTS as well as IELTS alternatives for admissions and scholarship applications. Alternatives to IELTS include the PTE, DET, TOEFL, Cambridge English examinations, and others.

Many students are still receiving stipends from the government to help pay for their college studies. We’ve listed several of these opportunities for financial assistance below.

Malaysian universities are regarded as world-class institutions, with many of them being included in the world’s top 200 universities. These schools see a huge influx of international students each year. International students on scholarship in Malaysia now number 150. A List of Malaysian International Scholarship Opportunities in 2023

A list of Malaysia’s top five scholarship programs has been compiled below.

Taylors International Research Excellence Awards In 2023,

The following scholarships are available for graduate study:

This is the scholarship program for you if you’re pursuing a postgraduate degree. Students who receive the Taylors Excellence Award are allowed to broaden their educational horizons by participating in extracurricular activities like fieldwork, internships, and networking events.

The university where the host is affiliated:

  • Taylor University
  • Education levels.
  • There are Master’s and PhD degrees available.
  • Allowances and benefits.
  • When pursuing a doctoral degree.
  • The cost of education has decreased by 75%.
  • Waived master’s thesis examination fees with a stipend of RM 1900 per month:
  • There will be a 75% reduction in the cost of tuition.
  • The thesis exam price is waived in exchange for a RM 1500/- monthly stipend.

Non-concessions for Malaysian International Scholarship Programs 2022-2023

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Al Bukhary International Programs-Scholarship for Undergraduate Study in 2023:

A scholarship from the Al Bukhary International Scholarship Program may be a good option for students who want to study at a top Malaysian university.

Students from both domestic and foreign countries are awarded scholarships by the Al Bukhary Institute, which contributes to the finance of higher education.

You will be able to learn about social entrepreneurship while studying in a multicultural setting in Malaysia’s most magnificent piece of architecture as a result of being awarded this scholarship.

The university where the host is affiliated:

  • Al Bukhary International University
  • The following are my educational accomplishments:-
  • There is a bachelor’s degree program for everyone.
  • Allowances and benefits:
  • Undergraduate education is completely paid for.


Monash University’s Undergraduate Scholarship Program for 2023: 3 Star Education Fund

A special scholarship program for Malaysian students who succeed academically has been created by Monash University. If you’re a Malaysian student hoping to get a scholarship, put this on your to-do list.

The teaching staff at Monash University is made up of some of the best in the business. A wide selection of undergraduate and postgraduate programs are covered by this grant, making it our favourite.

The host university Requirements for Malaysian International scholarship programs 2022-2023

  • Melbourne University is located in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Educated people.
  • There are both undergraduate and graduate degrees available.
  • Allowances and benefits.
  • There is no tuition associated with this scholarship program.


Do you wish to complete your Master of Business Administration degree? We can help you pay for your studies with our scholarship program. Universiti Tenaga Nasional is hosting the Postgraduate Skill Scholarship Scheme for business-minded students, which is based on academic achievement and merit.

Interested in earning your master’s degree at a world-class institution right here at home? Check out what I found!

The host university:

  • The National University of Singapore.
  • Educated to the following levels.
  • Master’s degree programs of study.
  • Allowances and benefits.

To pay for school, you’ll need up to RM 6000.

It’s time for the best to come out of the bag! A new scholarship program at MMU is aimed at internationally gifted high achievers: the High Achiever’s Scholarships. All prospective international students who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree at a Malaysian university are welcome to apply for the degree program.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance awaits those who want to attend a private institution for free thanks to the Malaysian Scholarships program. Getting this scholarship will provide you with a practical attitude to life, which you may use in your future work through a variety of tactics and sessions with a career counsellor.

The host university:

  • The Multimedia University.
  • Educated to the following levels.
  • Postgraduate research programs.
  • Allowances and benefits.

This sponsorship covers the following costs for Malaysian International Scholarship Programs 2022-2023

  • Registration fee.
  • To pay for schooling
  • A charge for the use of university facilities and services.
  • Student activities are subject to a fee.
  • Subjects pay a fee
  • The cost of using a smart card (once only).
  • Cost of the examination for the examination.



Now is the time to apply for Malaysian university admissions!
A list of Malaysian universities that offer scholarships for international students and locals alike has been compiled for your convenience.

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