Metro Cash and Carry Internships 2023-Only for Students


Students can take advantage of paid internship opportunities at a number of Metro Cash and Carry Internships 2023-Only for Students. In the food industry and the hotel, restaurant, and catering (HoReCa) sector, Metro is a well-known multinational distributor with operations in over thirty nations.

Metro Cash & Carry offers a wide range of products via 672 wholesale outlets, 66 delivery depots, and the online Metro Market thanks to multichannel marketing and multichannel suppliers. Metro offers a variety of goods and services catered to the individual needs of its nearly 13 million customers.

As a multichannel provider, Metro essentially combines contemporary wholesale stores, a sizable delivery service (Food Service Distribution/FSD), and an online marketplace that caters to customers in need of food, electronics, and other digitally enabled items. However, it is not just limited to Europe; Pakistan, Turkey, and India, among others, also profit from its presence. It operates primarily in European countries.

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While pursuing growth in the hospitality, retail, and service sectors, Metro aims to maintain its position as the wholesale food market leader. To achieve organic growth in all the nations where it conducts business, Metro Cash & Carry is always on the hunt for new talent. Internships with Metro Cash & Carry can help with this.


Opportunities and Benefits for Internships at Metro Cash & Carry

The main strategy employed by Metro is “We build our business through extending our people.” As a result, Metro wants to provide a platform for its present workers to grow in their careers as well as find new talent and train them for quick career development.

To create a team of young, ambitious people with progressive attitudes and a variety of talents, Metro offers internships in a number of nations.

If you want to apply for a Metro internship, you must go to the Metro website for your nation, where the early careers area contains internship listings, or you will be sent to an outside professional website like LinkedIn.

Generic rewards for interns at Metro Cash & Carry:

  • A chance to work together with Metro’s senior employees and executives.
  • A glimpse into the incredibly dynamic, creative, and team-oriented working atmosphere offered by metro.
  • The capacity to perform well in a variety of corporate departments, including supply chain management, human resources, etc., depending on your area of interest.
  • Providing interns with a stipend, insurance, and lunch.
  • It can result in a full-time position depending on the quality of your work.
  • You will work on challenging projects and gain expertise of the managerial structure of a global, publicly traded retail company.
  • Metro will offer home-office options upon request.
  • Depending on the nation and/or location of your internship, you will benefit from substantial savings and a great salary plan.

Where can I get an internship with Metro Cash & Carry?

Metro Cash & Carry provides internships in a variety of industries as a real business. The following options are available for interested candidates to apply in their area of interest:

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  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Management of a brand
  • Controlling Security investments for corporations
  • Packaging Design Marketing Supply Chain Management

Do you meet the requirements for Metro’s internship program?

A 4-year bachelor’s degree with honors is the minimum criteria for eligibility for internships with Metro Cash & Carry, as does current enrollment in the program. The preferred degree major varies according to the chosen internship field. Additional prerequisites in general are:

Excellent intellectual and analytical skills

Fluency in the national language of the destination nation is necessary in addition to English language ability.

Strong knowledge with Microsoft Office

How Can I Apply for Metro Internships?

Below is a step-by-step guide to the internship application process for your convenience.

Go to the careers section at the top of the page by opening the official Metro website.

The drop-down box that appears when you click on the career categories link at the top of this page lets you select “early career”:

Select “check our local web sites” after selecting the internship option on the right side of the page. After that, you’ll be taken to the list of countries.

where you choose the residence of the nation where you want to intern. You will either locate internship opportunities in the jobs/employment area on country specific websites or be forwarded to an external website like LinkedIn.

You must submit an online application after looking over the available internship listings across several departments and choosing the one you want to pursue. There will be instructions that are side by side.

Metro Cash and Carry Internships 2023-Only for Students Application

Your online application will be reviewed after you submit it, and if it is accepted, the following will take place:

Phone/Video Call: Depending on the position and the local hiring practices, you might be asked to participate in an initial telephone/video interview. During this interview, you’ll be asked for more details about your background, experiences, and goals for the internship position. You’ll also be told what your main responsibility will be.

Employing manager This interview, conducted at a regional headquarters, at a shop, or online, will provide you more details about the role, the difficulties, and a more comprehensive picture of Metro. To determine if you meet the requirements for the position, you will be asked to submit specific examples from prior employment or internship experiences.

Assessment Center:

You may be required to attend an assessment day for some internship jobs or locations in order to have your abilities under pressure or in a group situation tested. If an assessment day is necessary for the internship you’ve chosen, you’ll be informed in advance about the preparation, timing, and location.

Congratulations if you have finished all of these steps! You are currently a Metro Cash & Carry intern. If you choose to accept the internship, you will first be contacted by phone and asked to confirm your decision. If you do, you will then receive a written offer letter.

Where Can I Find Internships in Metropolitan Area?

As previously said, Metro is present in more than 30 nations, including Turkey, Pakistan, and even India, as well as European nations like Germany, Italy, and others. To be prepared, keep an eye out for internship openings by frequently visiting the Metro website in your nation.




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