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Become a student Microsoft learns student ambassador and discover more about the community of Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors.

Students like you who choose to use technology to work with peers on real-world issues, establish themselves as role models and community leaders, and broaden their impact should join the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors community.

Student Ambassadors have the chance to interact with students from around the world (102 countries and counting! ), build their online communities, get trained and certified, and deal with real-world problems while going inning some important technical and soft skills that will help them succeed. They can also significantly advance on matters that are important to them and have a big social impact.

You now know more about the neighbourhood. Maybe you’ve met a Student Ambassador, been to an event they organized or read about some of the most recent graduates and their experiences in the neighbourhood.

Maybe you’ve even taken a look at the infographic to find out more about the Student Ambassadors, what they believe in, and how diverse the neighbourhood is. You choose to submit your application, and hopefully one of our quarterly application reviews will result in your selection as a Student Ambassador. What follows?


The Student Ambassador community is the program’s beating heart, and after being accepted, you are immediately connected to every other Student Ambassador via Microsoft Teams, as well as Microsoft mentors who are ready to support you on your journey.

The Microsoft Learn Ambassador Program: What Is It?

The MLSA (Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador) program boosts students’ employability by giving them training in subjects like Microsoft technologies that aren’t typically covered in academic settings.

How does MLSA selection work?


  • 1 Visit their official website, select “Apply Now,” and complete the application.
  • 2 The application form has basic data, a written sample, a CV, a section on technological talents, and a brief video introduction.
  • 3 Create a video outlining your technical interests and the reasons you wish to attend the program.
  • 4 Complete the form and send it.

What benefits come with being a student ambassador for Microsoft Learn?

MTC certification exam voucher access to Technology Smith Snagit and Camtasia for screen capture and recording, as well as Office 365. advantages of swag and mentoring

You can work with other students who share your passion in Leagues that are specifically focused on particular technologies and social issues. In these Leagues, you can pool your skills to solve problems in the real world.

Following that, you’ll have the opportunity to present your work at regional and international contests like the Microsoft Imagine Cup and student hackathon events. It’s acceptable if you are still unsure of what your passion is. As long as you are open to trying new things and experimenting, you are welcome in our community.

What does Microsoft provide for students ambassadors

Microsoft will help by giving you special access to professionals like Cloud advocates and MVPs who can advise you remotely, direct your League’s efforts, and give you chances to be a part of the team as you are ready to graduate. These professionals may also help you design and carry out events that will educate and train members of your community.

Microsoft provides tools to help you, such as monthly Azure credits, free access to Microsoft 365 apps like PowerPoint and Excel, cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, development tools in Visual Studio, and free software from our technology partners, like Technology smith’s Snagit screen capture software and the Camtasia screen recorder and video editor. These tools make it easier for you to make progress on the issue or technology that is most important to you.

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Furthermore, Microsoft Learn’s self-paced online courses can help you start building important career skills. With these step-by-step courses, you can learn anything you’re interested in, whether it’s Machine Learning, Python, Azure static web apps, or something else, at your own pace. You’ll get access to a free certification exam once you’re done!

There are several potential events:

Attend online conferences hosted by Microsoft and other organizations that emphasize professional and technical growth.
Participate in online gatherings organized by other student ambassadors who aim to inspire and educate other students.

Microsoft students ambassador performance

You will reciprocate by organizing activities, offering advice to other students, and sharing your expertise and enthusiasm. You may make a bigger difference and stand out from the crowd by becoming a leader in your local IT community by imparting your knowledge and motivating your colleagues.

An average of 63 counterparts attend each event that the Student Ambassadors arrange!
using the chances to go to events sponsored by Microsoft.

The annual virtual Student Ambassadors Summit will be open to you and will have tech demos, panel talks, and networking opportunities designed to help you advance your career and have a greater effect on the community.

You can even be asked to participate as a speaker at other events like Microsoft Build to share your knowledge!

There will undoubtedly be social and team-building activities because what kind of community would there be without them?

Student ambassadors can reach particular objectives. The third option is only available through Microsoft team nomination and is reserved for exceptional Ambassadors who go above and beyond in serving their community.

The first two are self-paced, so you can decide when to move on to the next level. As you reach each milestone, amazing new perks will be given to you.

In general, the program satisfied all of my needs as a student.

So, are you prepared to become a part of a worldwide community where you may interact with people, gain knowledge from real-world experience, and mentor others in the subjects you find interesting? Apply right away to be a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador.

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