Scholarship Opportunities In Canada

Scholarship Opportunities In Canada

Scholarship Opportunities In Canada

Do you want to apply for Canadian scholarships? The scholarship opportunities in Canada available to international students, and students from other developing African nations are listed in this article for the upcoming years. For Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs, Fellowships, and other postgraduate and undergraduate programs, postgraduate students as well as undergraduate students can apply for these scholarships. Some of these scholarships are fully funded, while others are only partially funded.

The Canadian government and private organizations help fund the majority of these scholarships.

Nigerian academics from various academic backgrounds have the chance to study in Canada thanks to these Canadian scholarships. The chances for international students to study on any of these scholarships in the United States, Europe, or Canada are also covered.

This means that it refers to more than only scholarships for those in Canada or Nigeria. After learning about all of these details, I want us to study more about these scholarships and how they work. Without this, you won’t know when to apply for these opportunities and when not to.



E.O. International Peace Scholarship


Established in 1949, the International Peace Scholarship (I.P.S.) is a program that awards scholarships to deserving women from various nations. For graduates who wanted to pursue their education in the United States and Canada, these scholarships were available.


According to P.E.O. members, education is essential for fostering global understanding and peace. Additionally, a student may only receive an award totaling $12,500. Based on individual needs, it is my understanding that these overseas students may receive lower amounts.



Scholarships from the British Council in August 2022

Top Universities in Australia’s Darwin in 2022

Singapore International Graduate Award Scholarship

Conestoga College International Entrance Scholarship is one of the scholarship opportunities in Canada 


The Student Financial Services department at Conestoga College manages more than 400 prizes, bursaries, and scholarships annually totaling more than $2.5 million.

Candidates can locate all of the awards made available by Student Financial Services in the lists in the Awards Directory. Students are required to submit a scholarship application each term.


There might be rewards for certain programs at some schools. Contact your program coordinator to find out more about rewards that are special to your program.


Quest University Scholarship Program for International Students as one of the scholarship opportunities in Canada 


The bachelor’s degree programs at Quest University Canada are eligible for these scholarships. The difference between this scholarship program and the others discussed here is that it was included in a list of Canadian scholarships that only give prizes for university-based study.

To receive a Presidential Scholarship package with their admissions decision, applicants must submit their scholarship applications by the Early Action or Regular Decision deadlines. Only until March 1 is given out does the David Strangeways Award for Excellence get given out. It is necessary to submit one application for each of the two scholarship categories.

The following expenses are not covered by Quest university:

  • Room
  • Board
  • Travel costs and other expenses.

A minimum annual expenditure of $15,000 is required of all Quest students.


University of Winnipeg Manitoba Graduate Scholarships as one of the scholarship opportunities in Canada 


This is to let interested applicants know that the 2019 University of Winnipeg Manitoba Graduate Scholarships (M.S.G. ), administered by the University of Winnipeg, are now accepting applications. All applicants for the University of Winnipeg’s full-time master’s program are eligible for the current scholarships.

You need to have completed your last 60 credits of coursework with a minimum cumulative average of 3.75 to be eligible. This requirement applies regardless of where you were when you applied and in what country. Each winner will get Fifteen thousand dollars for a year.


Ted Rogers Scholarship as one of the scholarship opportunities in Canada 

Another Canadian grant for international students was established in Ted Rogers’ memory: the Ted Rogers Scholarship.

The Scholarship was established in 2017 with the main objective of supporting young leaders across the nation to achieve their educational goals to ensure the prosperity of future generations of Canadians.

The Ted Rogers School of Management Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships is funded through this Scholarship, which can grant up to $5,000 to each student.


Scholarships for International Students at York University

Due to this, the University invites excellent young people who want to pursue Bachelor’s studies at the York University International Entrance Scholarships in Canada, Ontario,

Without a doubt, York University is the third-largest university in Canada and is well-known throughout the world. Around 52,300 students, 7,000 faculty members, and 295,000 alumni worldwide attend the institution.


Dalhousie University Masters and Ph.D. Programs  Scholarship

The Canadian Dalhousie University is happy to invite qualified individuals to submit applications for the Dalhousie university scholarship. By this notice, those who are eligible to apply for these scholarships are obligated to do so before the entry deadline. This scholarship is worth $30,000 during the duration of the scholarship.


Knights of Columbus Scholarship

The Knights of Columbus have given out 450 scholarships worth a combined over $700,000 since the start of the 2017–2018 school year.

The majority of awardees are either Knights themselves or Knights pursuing bachelor’s degrees in Catholic institutions. These include those in Catholic colleges and universities in the United States.

A total of 113 seminarians in the United States and Canada will receive funds totaling $278,750 as part of the program. This portal provides access to scholarship details, including the deadlines and times for applications.

At this time, there are just two categories for Knight of Columbus Scholarships:

American Undergraduates Category

Children of deceased Knights of Columbus members who wish to apply for this scholarship must be students of the university

Students who wish to apply must be enrolled full-time at a catholic college in the United States and be prepared to begin their first year of studies there.

Undergraduate Category for


Children of Knights of Columbus members who were absent from meetings are required to submit applications for the Canadian scholarship program. The person should be prepared to start their first year at university.



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