The Crossword Maker Scholarship

The 2022 Crossword Maker Scholarship is now open! Please submit your crossword by the deadline: May 2, 2022.
No matter their circumstances, My Crossword Maker thinks all pupils should have access to education. Making a crossword puzzle that works is very challenging. We want to recognize the original thinking and dedication that go into creating crossword puzzles, so we offer an annual Crossword Scholarship.

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We award a fantastic prize to a deserving student each year. Our crossword scholarship is given to the top puzzle maker instead of the traditional essay. Students must use My Crossword Maker to create and submit one 1515 newspaper-style crossword puzzle to apply, as explained below.

Awards and Prizes

The winner of our annual scholarship receives a free lifetime subscription to My Crossword Maker in addition to a $1,000 tuition scholarship. Up to five finalists will also receive a complimentary lifetime subscription to My Crossword Maker. Semifinalists will receive an honourable mention on our website.

Rules and Qualifications covering The Crossword Maker Scholarship

All undergraduate students enrolled in the fall semester or quarter of 2022, whether they are current or incoming students, are eligible to apply for the Crossword Scholarship. We check the winner’s enrollment with the winner’s school before distributing the prize.


To be eligible for competition, all crossword puzzles must be completely original, written by the applicant, and never before published. They must also follow all of the procedures and rules are given below while creating them and publishing them publicly on My Crossword Maker.

How to Submit a Crossword Scholarship Application in 2022:

Create a Crossword Puzzle

First, register for a free account on My Crossword Maker. Once you’ve signed in, navigate to “My Puzzles” and select “Create Newspaper Puzzle.” Last but not least, organize your problem in a 15-by-15-square grid.
Make sure you create a newspaper puzzle, please (see below). Standard puzzles will not be eligible for the scholarship.

Create your puzzle after that! The subject matter of your crossword puzzle must be My Hobbies/Interests. We are interested in learning more about your areas of passion and would like to get to know you better. The possibilities are many when it comes to your puzzle: music, cuisine, spirit animals, antique ceramic buttons, base jumping, skating, cupcakes, homework, and old video games.

The greatest (and most profitable) crosswords follow the expert, newspaper-style crossword criteria and regulations described on the linked page. There shouldn’t be more than 78 words in a puzzle. Puzzle makers that use black squares have a better probability of succeeding. Don’t forget to give your crossword a title; it can offer amusing hints about the crossword’s topic or theme.

We are all aware of how difficult puzzle-making is! Your progress is saved as you go by My Crossword Maker, allowing you to finish it later or throughout several sessions.

Contact us so we can “unlock” your puzzle.

Please email [email protected] once you’ve finished your crossword puzzle so we can waive the publishing charge. the following information in your email:

the email address you entered during My Crossword Maker’s registration.
The title of the crossword puzzle you finished
Within 24 hours, you’ll get an email verifying that your problem has been solved.

Entry into the scholarship competition is entirely free. Never pay for your puzzle to be published. To request that we waive the cost before publishing your puzzle, do get in touch with us.

Publish Your Puzzle In the “Unlocked” state

To compete, your puzzle must be published. After contacting customer care and getting an email verifying that it has been unlocked, you can publish your puzzle for free. Just click “Publish” on the toolbar. Always keep in mind that if you’re asked to pay for your puzzle, something isn’t right. Nothing is due. Talk to us instead.

Once you take one final look at your clues and answers, your puzzle will be published and accessible online.

Officially submit your puzzle to the competition before the deadline.

You can apply for the scholarship by completing the brief form below after your problem has been published. By the application deadline of May 2, 2022, the application form must be completed and submitted.

Please keep in mind that only crossword puzzles in the newspaper style (as displayed in the image above) will be taken into consideration for the scholarship.

Please double-check your email address because it will be used for all contest communications. The form below asks for your email address.

Inconsistencies in The Crossword Maker Scholarship

Please keep in mind that there is no fee to apply for this award. Make careful to take the actions suggested above to prevent unintentional charges.

You retain ownership of all copyrights and are free to use or promote your puzzle whenever you see fit. No submitted crossword puzzles will be our property. However, your puzzle will be made publicly available on our website if you are a finalist or winner, which can restrict your ability to submit it to some premium markets.

Our blog and social media pages feature bios of the contenders and winners. By participating in the competition, you consent to the public posting of your crossword puzzle, your name, your school, and any other potentially identifying information about yourself that you submit on the submission form by My Crossword Maker.

You should post your crossword puzzle to your website, blog, or social media accounts. A crossword puzzle creator has accomplished a tremendous feat! It’s a good way to celebrate your accomplishments to share them with others. However, it’s not necessary to share your puzzle to enter.

Evaluation of the Puzzle and Winner Selection

The selection committee for My Crossword Maker chooses the winning crossword. The brilliance of the theme, hints, and solutions, as well as the overall puzzle design, are factors considered by the selection committee. It will also be taken into account if the grid design is done effectively.

For the best odds of winning, make sure your crossword puzzle complies with newspaper crossword requirements. May 31, 2022, will mark the announcement of the winner.

The recipient’s only plan for using the winning scholarship money is for tuition and related costs. A $1,000 check will be paid directly to the winner’s college, university, or trade school after confirmation of enrollment in the fall semester after the contest.

Contact moderators about The Crossword Maker Scholarship

Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any queries regarding this scholarship.

Requirements for Use

Any successful applicant might be asked to provide documentation proving that they have been accepted by or are already enrolled in an approved university with intentions to start classes in the fall of 2022.

Students are not permitted if they directly know any of the My Crossword Maker committee members.
Applicants must be international students enrolled in academic programs at American or Canadian universities.

This scholarship’s application process is cost-free. We won’t demand payment from candidates.

The Selection Committee has sole authority in selecting the scholarship recipient. The winner and finalists will be revealed on May 31, 2022.
By participating in the competition, you consent to the public posting of your crossword puzzle, your name, your school, and any other potentially identifying information about yourself and you submit it on the submission form by My Crossword Maker.

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