Hi Guys, welcome back to our platform, today we will be discussing on top 8 easiest ways to immigrate to Canada.

So did you guys know that Canada actually wants 1 million more immigrants by 2022?

As a matter of fact, the total allotment for 2019 is 330,800. 2020 is Km. And if you take a look at the current levels for 2019, as of December 1, 2019, we have already welcomed almost 313,000 new immigrants in Canada. And we are a few more ways to complete the 330,000 mark. However, for 2000 and 22,021, we have the full almost 7000 new immigrants waiting to land in Canada.


So, a big, big congratulations to all of you guys who made it this year. And for those who are yet to land in Canada soon, I wish you nothing but the best in your application. My name is Mr. Victorhez. Let’s jump into the top eight ways to immigrate to Canada, but remember to follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

  1. Family Class Category as one of WAYS TO IMMIGRATE TO CANADA

    The first one is through the family class category. So if you guys are married to a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who is 18 years of age, then you guys can come to Canada through a spouse visa.
    Just remember, guys, that there are certain conditions that you need to meet in order for you to be eligible for this type of visa. The first one is that you and your spouse must have lived together for twelve months continuously. And the second one is you must provide proof that you have set up a household together.


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    All right, so to sponsor your spouse, simply go to this link (here) and then scroll further down and simply follow the four steps, guys, which are very easy and straightforward. So the first one is to get the application package. The second one is to pay your application fees. The third one is to submit your application to this address. So basically, if your spouse is outside Canada, then definitely send it to this address right here. However, if your spouse is living in Canada, please mail your application to this address here.

    Now, the second way to immigrate to Canada, which is one of the easiest and fastest, is to:

  2. Become an international student as one of the WAYS TO IMMIGRATE TO CANADA

    Become an international student. So all you have to do is to choose a school. Now, that school needs to be a DLI or a designated learning institution. Once you find a school, you can apply for a study permit, and then you can study here for like two years so that you guys can get a three-year PGWP or postgraduate work permit. And once you have that work permit, you can earn one year of work experience in Canada and then apply for permanent residents.

    So, if you guys are very interested to become an international student and eventually a Canadian PR, I actually have a very detailed article on some scholarships that will guide you step by step on how to apply for a study permit, click here. And then step two, apply for a work permit and then finally as a Canadian PR.

  3.  Express Entry as one of the WAYS TO IMMIGRATE TO CANADA

    Now, the third way is to apply for express entry. And express entry, guys, is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to become a Canadian permanent resident. And the very first step that you should do is to compute your CRS score. All right? So first things first. If you’re applying for express entry, the first thing you need to do is to find out your CRS score. And to find out, all you have to do is to go to this link. Many of you already know your CRS score, but it’s always good to keep coming back to this tool because you might have missed something that could potentially increase your CRS score. So in this total, all you have to do is to answer a series of questions. And based on the answer you provided, it will compute your total CRS score. But no risk. And we are going to do it together. So the first one is what is your marital status? If you’re single, then say single. How old are you? Let’s say 30 years of age. What is your level of education? Let’s say, masters. Have you earned a Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate? If not, then say no. If you’ve taken your IELTS exam, then put IELTS over here and then indicate your score in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Do you have any other language test results? If none, then say not applicable.
    Use this link to CRS Score, here.
    Your work experience in Canada? If none, then say none. How about outside of Canada? Or foreign skilled work experience? If you. Have, then indicate the total experience you have, let’s say three years or more. Do you have a certificate of qualification from a Canadian province, territory, or federal body? If none says no, do you have a valid job offer in Canada? If none says no, do you have a provincial nomination from a province? So actually we are going to discuss this in the next few minutes. If none say no, do you or your spouse have at least one brother or sister living in Canada as a citizen or PR? If yes, then say yes and then simply click on Calculate your Score. And then all the way down here it will tell you your total points or total CRS score, which is 491. So now that you know what your CRS score is, the next thing to do is to find out what the current cut-off score is. So to do that, all you have to do is to go to this link which will show you all the rounds of invitations. So what happens is IRCC makes a draw every two weeks and sets out a CRS cut-off score. So as of November 2017, the current cut-off score is actually 471.

    Now the next thing to do is to compare your total series score to the cut of the score. If your CRM score is higher than the cut-off score, which is actually the case right now, then you are going to get an invitation to apply for which you can proceed to apply for permanent residence. Now if you guys need some help on how to apply for express entry, then no worries because I actually have a very detailed article that I created that tells you how to apply for express entry step by step. Now, if you encounter any issues or questions or clarifications that you might have, then simply make a comment on this post and I’m going to be very helpful and definitely help you out with your questions. So simply go to my Twitter or LinkedIn.

    Check this article on Express Entry


  4.  Through PLP

    Moving on to fourth way to Immigrate to Canada is through PLP or Provincials Nominee program. Now that you know your CRS score, if you really can’t make it to the Cattle score or you guys have a really hard time clearing the score, then no worries because there are ways to get around this, and one of which is to apply for PMT or Provincial Nominee program. So when you apply for a PMP, your goal is to get a nomination letter from the province and that will definitely give you additional 600 points. And once you have that 600 points, for example, you have a serious score of like 300. So 600 plus 300 will give you 900 points and definitely that will get you ITA or invitation to apply in the next draw. Now there are about 80 provincial streams that you can apply to and it all depends on your profile. For example, if you really have a low CRS score, for example, 300 or 320, then you guys can apply under the Alberta Express Entry stream. Now, if you guys have a relative, like a cousin and an aunt or an uncle in Canada, especially in Manitoba, then you guys can apply under the Mpmp or Manitoba Provincial Nominee stream because that relative can actually give you additional or higher points.

    Now, if you guys have a really low IELTS score, for example, of 5040, then you guys can apply under SINP or Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

    All right? So in order to get a nomination from a province, all you have to do is to apply in a specific province. Now, take note, guys, that you can actually apply to multiple provinces at a time. So all you need to do is to go to this link and click on any of the provinces or links over here. So, for example, let’s say, Alberta, this is the page that you want to apply for AANP, for British Columbia, and for MPNP or Manitoba. Now, the good news, guys, is that I actually created a video on each of these provinces. So all you have to do is to go to my channel and then under videos, you will see all of the videos that you need. So, for example, if you want to apply for Alberta, then this is the video that you want to watch. Specifically, if you have a very low CRS score for Manitoba, for British Columbia, and if you have a really low IELTS score, four, five, and six are all accepted in Saskatchewan. So simply go to this channel, guys, and you will see all of the videos that you need.

  5.  Through AIP

    The fifth and 6th way to integrate into Canada is through the AIP and the RNIP. So AIPP guy stands for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. Check more here.

    To be Continued, but remember to follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.




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