Top Scholarships that allow You Study Anywhere


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  • Top Scholarships that let Students study wherever they want.
  • Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants
  • OFID Scholarship Award
  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program
  • Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships
  • ADB Japan Scholarship Program
  • Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships for Developing Countries
  • Distance Learning Scholarships for Study in your home country or anywhere else


Many scholarships worldwide allow students to go and study anywhere they would like and are described here. A few of the scholarships listed on various websites are specifically geared towards the countries held.


If you can apply, you may be transferred to the school where the scholarship is located. International scholarships permit students to attend any country they wish and any university they choose.



The scholarships offered through government agencies of the Canadian federal government are administered in Canada. Therefore, you’ll likely require a move to Canada to claim the scholarship when you meet the criteria.


It is the same for any scholarships offered by universities. However, scholarships offered by international and regional organizations like the Rotary Foundation let you learn anywhere and anywhere, even within your own country. A few of the scholarships listed on this page are also for students to study at a distance.


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Top Scholarships that let Students study wherever they want.

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants

Rarely do you come across an award that covers your tuition, lodging and transportation, as well as associated academic expenses? That is what you can expect from the Rotary Peace Fellowship scholarship. The applicants for this scholarship must be enrolled in master’s programs at one of the universities selected.


OFID Scholarship Award

The OPEC Funding For International Development award provides a scholarship for those who want to pursue a master’s programme at one of the accrediting and well-known universities around the world.


The award can be worth up to $50,000. It will also cover your tuition costs and monthly allowances to pay for living expenses such as lodging book, insurance, relocation grants and expenses related to travel.


Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program

This scholarship isn’t available in large numbers and is extremely small. It offers a year-long grant for postgraduate students from select countries that are developing or have a low level of development that demonstrate outstanding academic performance and talent.


The Scholarships are given to students who are on a 50/50 grant and half loan via an extremely competitive application process every year. The scholarship is only for tuition and living costs.


Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships

Students from selected countries in the developing world seeking to complete master’s programs can go anywhere in the world with the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. The scholarship award covers your tuition costs offers monthly stipends, transportation costs, health insurance and other travel allowances.


ADB Japan Scholarship Program

The Asian Development Bank Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) offers financial aid for students studying abroad from developing countries or affected by war across the world. The award of scholarships covers the cost of tuition and provides an annual stipend, accommodation allowance, transportation fees, medical insurance, and other travel expenses.


Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships for Developing Countries

It is a need-based award open to all African international students who lack funding to fund their studies. This scholarship allows students from developing countries like African Nations to gain academic and tuition-related funding to pay for their studies in their own country or any other part of the developing or developed world.


Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships


The scholarship is open to principal candidates either from the Commonwealth nations. In addition, the commission for commonwealth scholarships has a partnership with several universities within the UK.


Successful applicants can pursue studies at any university within the UK or elsewhere in the world. However, it is also accomplished through arrangements for distance learning which means you could study at these universities from the country you are in on the internet.


It’s an online education platform that provides free courses provided by some of the top colleges in the US (such as Harvard, MIT, and UC) to students worldwide. The award is open to any eligible student who has access to the internet and a computer service provider.


The University of the People offers tuition fees for students at no cost. It is the first tuition-free, non-profit and accredited online educational institution to provide students with higher education worldwide


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